I think the next ‘big thing’ will travel from smartphone –> web.

People go where the people are. The good thing is: headway is being made on smartphones and there are MANY alt.networks out there already… people who don’t touch FB with a 10 foot pole. [on some of them, I’m embarrassed to admit I have “a Facebook” and I use it frequently]

FB is the AOL from the mid 90s, of the 10s.

I’m not worried. It’ll have its day. Google+ tried to kill it but Google got their head up their ass with “innovation all the time” (which means: “Don’t count on us to provide that service tomorrow ’cause we’ll shut it down when you least expect it!”).

I think the next ‘big thing’ will travel from smartphone –> web.
My tale: I uploaded a video that used a Creative Commons song made by Nine Inch Nails (“Ghost”). I uploaded it to Youtube a couple of years ago. They had no problem with it and recognize the Creative Commons license properly (amazingly!).

But FB? Not only did they put it in a holding cell, not allowing me to post it, but they wanted my name, address and phone number to verify that I have the right to redistribute a CREATIVE COMMONS song!

[It was just the background to a video – it was the perfect length and captured the mood properly I wanted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GhVIl9F0s8 <— here – FB will *probably* let me share it incorporated into a Youtube embed…. but their primitive music-matching system *really* needs an upgrade.

Then again… they have different goals than YT, so perhaps CC doesn’t suit them at all and I can imagine a few reasons why not.

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