I think the #concept of temporal abuse is useful.

I read an article that inspired me.  It was a French article, written in French, about French children being burned out by their new school time changes.  The pressure has resulted in what a psychologist has called Temporal Abuse in children under 5 years of age and beyond.

The phrase #TemporalAbuse inspired me.  I’d never seen it before.  I can think of many things that could qualify as #Temporal #Abuse

So, I registered a domain and wrote a post, analogizing humans to proper engine performance.  Strange that I should draw from engines, for engines are not my specialty.

I think the #concept of temporal abuse is useful.  I don’t know what the phrase is in the original French article: I went straight to a Google Translate.  But it translated to “Temporal Abuse” and I rather liked the sound of it.  I found very few instances of that phrase used elsewhere, so I decided I’d claim it.


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