I think in metaphors, so I can say anything with a straight face and mean it.

a gamer designed that pic. Those are machetes (common here in FL – I have a couple for clearing weeds) that are attached to the flamethrowers by a light weld? They’d snap off at the first thrust.

yeah, without even knowing the backstory I recognized the style. Fanfic art isn’t (and doesn’t have to be) any kind of realistic, just give off the right impression and convey the right emotions/impressions to be successful.

and at least it’s not from TF2 or something. Warhammer has a genuine link to old school tabletop gaming which gets some respect from me.


Wasn’t my thing (neither was D&D but I was familiar a little with the universes), but i remember their popularity back in early 1990s BBS’ days. [I even knew L337 once… man I’m ancient]. But I got respect for it. I would’ve been more the D&D side (which tended towards leftist politically) rather than Warhammer side (which tended towards power / war) stuff, but I had friends in both camps. Still do.


I forgot more than I learned but I was going to be a Russian Orthodox monk back in the late 90s and so studied Russian in my spare time. [I was Eastern Orthodox for about 5 years]. I’m agnostic now but I had major convertitis for a time. Monastery is still a someday retirement plan – any religion would do. I think in metaphors, so I can say anything with a straight face and mean it.


I scream but in a civil tone of voice with logic and reason. :) Now, if I thought right wing death squads were ever a REAL possibility (they’re not, unless you’re a suspected drug dealer (or their family) in the Philippines), I’d probably balk at your cartoon. But I have no problem with fantasy/roleplaying/gaming/alt histories/etc.

I don’t think there’s a category for “normal liberal” in the USA though, where I am. There’s either “part of the system” liberal or “libtard”/SJW. At least where you are you recognize that there’s normal and extreme in every political facet.

It was good chatting. I search for signs of intelligence in these forums. Glad to find some.



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