I think Degree is a hermaphodite.

I bought “Wild Cherry” yesterday. I didn’t see any penis or boobs on the package. It was $1. It has 20% aluminum zinc-blahblah in it.

That’s MORE than the MANLY MAN ones. 

I think women like to sweat less so their shit is stronger.

Also, I like wild cherry smell.

Mostly, it was $1.

Cashier looked at me strangely but I just smiled. Her loss not mine.

“teen spirit” was my favorite for years, even as a teenager.[I don’t know if they make it anymore] in the boys locker room they went, “haha faggot”. Let them laugh. I smelled good and I didn’t have pit stank.

I use whatever’s on sale at the strongest strength. Degree’s a favorite. I think Degree is a hermaphodite.

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