I take “being understood” as a personal challenge.

Ah! A social / communicatoin question. Good one too.

I take “being understood” as a personal challenge.

I relish explaining myself 57 different ways if necessary to get someone else to say or show, “I understand” – even if they don’t agree with me.

But I understand when someone gets frustrated and goes, “THERE’S NO POINT IN TALKING TO YOU” when they feel misunderstood. I happen to be good at analogizing many different ways to explain myself but I understand not everybody relishes the challenge of being understood like me.

I’m a weirdo in that way :P

That being said, there _are_ times I just walk away from a conversation; and it’s usually when there’s no conversing going on, but merely boxing gloves. I like communicating in order to be understand but if someone is hell bent on convincing me, I find some way to agree and ‘let them win’ because, I’m not trying to win their battle. It’s not my fight. They can have the trophy.

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