I take a minimal cut f

I own/run a business. I run it for my br  + sis-in-law + it helps pay the mort and bills as we all live here.

Informs my busin practices. I take a minimal cut for the busin which I draw from on occasion with the majority going to my brot, who chooses how to use his money yet enough goes back to the house towards the bil.

If he gets greedy, oh look, TV might get turned off because he didn’t contribute enough. Consequences are natural ones.

It’s not a perfect system : They’re not of the “commie mindset” and it would work more smoothly if they were. But it’s been working well enough for 15 yrs..

If I were of a capitalist mindset, I’d have to forego my ethics, we’d have a fleet, be rich and I’d be a narcissistic asshole. I gotta be me whatever I do. There’s no honor in capitalism, no matter how you try to frame it. But if you are a capitalist, then do it. Don’t brag about it.


I GOT the money to get here by working for “Big Pharma” for a few years, grossly overpaid, and I took the excesses (53%) and learned how to invest + save and play the credit game.

So I’m impure, but I was never much for idealisms, although I envy those that are

Most people die within 75 miles of where they grew up. There’s nothing wrong with that but it bothered me so I didn’t want that. I’m not living in my ideal place (whatever that would be, probably a hippie type situation) and honestly could’ve stayed and just swallowed that statistic and joined. But I took the unexpected turn to here. No idea what I’ll do next but I like working from home for now.


You can do a lot of living in a small zone though. Some of my happiest memories are going to friend’s backyards and stuff.


I didn’t like the suburban rumor mills.. That’s one thing I’m glad to get away from.

I learned young that all people in politics are crooked from my 1 sq mile hometown. Not a bad place to grow up in but it seems too crowded to even think of going back.

Living in the woods for past 15 yrs but lots of ppl here in the house. Noisy. But not on the lanai where I spend most of my time on my laptop.


yr old neph says, “I just saw the cringiest incel reddit meme” and describes it. Meme definitely sounded embarrassing as a representation of all men and I agreed with him. As he left the room, I realized he just used the word incel properly in a sentence and context and don’t know if the world is doomed or the world is saved.


He sees things like incel, 4chan etc as old meme stuff, the stuff of what he calls “EdgyTeen”, along with kys, drink bleach, etc. Dead memes basically. But he’s aware of them. Incel surprised me a little but since he’s a fan of AlbertsStuff and got himself wrapped up in the Youtube monetization thing. [we’re of opposite opinions on that one], he knows a lot of the mid-late Millennial tropes.

I feel bad sometimes when I challenge his views, but since some of them are a little parroted, esp those from a couple of his friends (who have been 4chan devouring since 4th grade and the effects are showing), I feel like someone ought to give him a little pushback. Latest fascination is with beheadings and anti planned parenthood but I’m letting some things go for now. I push back a little when white nationalist/anti women stuff comes out although I suspect some of it will stick with him – not much I can do. But I’m hoping he stays within a dank memes context that avoids crossing too deep into a toxic activist side.

Thank you — and I think he’ll turn out fine. I’m just lucky to have this opportunity to help. We’re in a pro-Trump area and it seems every white kid that goes through these schools has a white power phase — but at least he knows that when a teacher says, “I hope America doesn’t get infected by Communism” and complains about “those liberals”, he knows she’s NOT supposed to talk politics… because I was there to point that out and he remembers. One day I expect he won’t listen to my opinions anymore so I’m grateful for this time.

Beheadings interest waned, anti women stuff stopped. Stopped sitting next to the one 4chan kid and the other one is out this week for putting a sharpie marker on a lip sore and it swelled up in class.

Mind you, they’re in Advanced classes.

It’s fine. It’s out of context which makes it weird and decent enough copypasta material and keeping my name off is better, thanks.


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