I started breaking my TV habit (I had one) about 3 yrs ago

I only watch TV for Doctor Who. I have an ancient 19″ tube TV with VCR in my bedroom that has dust on it. Other ppl in the house have the flat screens and I’ll occasionally sit with one of them for a few minutes and watch what they’re watching. But generally, I don’t have much need for it.

I started breaking my TV habit (I had one) about 3 yrs ago and it wasn’t hard at all. It’s not that TV is bad: I’m glad it’s there ’cause yes, not everything is on the Internet. But for me, I like the social interaction online more than passive intake.


I know tongue emoticon and I have… but I still want to keep the archaic TV unit in my room and watch it laying in bed. I get completely absorbed into the show. No temptation to get on Facebook or Wikipedia.


People “like me”. Oh please, Andrei. We’re far more alike in this than not.

I watch almost no TV _except_ Doctor Who. Do you know, I also turn on a radio every couple of months: I even have a Shortwave radio I turn on twice a year. We have a telephone that uses standard old fashion lines as well.


Because: single point of failure.


I feel that way reading a book without interacting with the author. I don’t read books much but when I do, I search for the author online and make contact with them somehow. The Internet socializing changes how we interact with communicative media. We expect 2-way now.


I believe it’s important to keep old technology alive. Here’s an example of why: A few days ago, some disgruntled workers from a large Internet service provider: Verizon, anonymously cut the fiber optic cables providing internet to their people. Millions of people without Internet for some time.

If they received everything on the Internet, they’d have… nothing.



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