I spent.. YEARS – stressing out at restaurants.


This is why I have a default choice at restaurants now. A default choice means: If there is a gun to your head and you have 5 seconds to order something, you have something you KNOW you won’t mind eating.

It’s not that hard once you figure it out what works for you.

So then, if you have no time to think, you have an answer. If you DO have time to think, you can ponder the perfect order, which is usually what I would do if I didn’t now have a default choice.


I spent.. YEARS – stressing out at restaurants. One day, my mother was like, “What’s your default choice?”

I’m like, “What the heck is a default choice?”

She told me. And I was like, DUH ALL THESE YEARS, you couldn’t tell me that.

her reply? I thought you were just being stubborn and all creative. ugh.

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