I shouldn’t be so jaded: these are important issues that need awareness raising.

I shouldn’t be so jaded honestly. I apologize for that. Back in 1990/91 at the college I went to, I had friends who were in the Film school (Hampshire College) and they told me all about the tricks to making a believable documentary… the music, the logic the emotional draw, how to convince people, the tropes when when to use them….. basically as a tool for rhetoric / persuasion.

and since then, I can’t watch a documentary without seeing all of these things they pointed out to me.

I shouldn’t be so jaded: these are important issues that need awareness raising.


My overanalysis gets in the way sometimes. Even when it’s something that matters to me, like this one I saw about an hour ago, I *still* keep check marking the musical cues, the film technique, the persuasion tactics used.

I’m glad I do these things and yeah, it keeps me from being fully carried away and from fully absorbing their message. But some of it always sticks.


- I’m hyperskeptical as well. What I make myself do sometimes is become skeptical of my own skepticism.. and allow myself to believe something once in a while. Just accept it. It’s sort of putting a negative to a negative to make a positive but it works.


Indeed and our expectations as consumers has risen so high that they have to pull out all the stops just to get us to stop and listen to anything.

Let’s say you’re Adam Curtis. You have a message to present to the world.

You’ve just managed to send your message to James Chambers and Kenneth Udut who are now talking about it.

You’ve also sent your message so effectively it’s almost reached a million views: Maybe a million people, maybe 333,333 people 3 times, but a lot in any event.

So: How’d you do it?

What lies between Adam Curtis and engaging James Chambers enough to share it with others is a lot of stuff. It’s mind-boggling honestly.


Yet, does any of that take away from the message being presented? Jaded me at first, said “Yes, it does”. But now I’m thinking, “No, not necessarily at all: he just happens to be in a position that affords him the opportunity to utilize the best of class for his message”.



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