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^Kenneth Udut shared Gaining Age But Losing Mind's photo.yay – thanks Maxine :D I purposely keep myself OUT of the loop for elections. I vote – yes. And I have opinions – and I'll share them this once. And politically-minded people think I'm CRAZY for not "keeping up to date". Here's the thing: It's proven that you're either motivated by already BEING of a particular political slant or you're swayed by their tone of voice demeanor pretty vs ugly sweet vs angry their name rolls off the tongue or is hard to pronounce – in other words Bedside Manner. Surface things. So knowing that I can skip all the DRAMA altogether and just vote with "the feeling" 'cause that's what I'd be doing anyways if I *did* 'follow the news'. The issues politicians promise are always things they have no power over – in other words – promises are impossible for THEM to keep because it's not something a President can control. They are jobs for Congress or Supreme Court to decide – not the President. They make promises like a dare for the other branches of government to fulfill but in the end they can't keep them.

What people commonly THINK is true is always more dramatic than the real TRUTH. Truth is usually very boring and dull and stuff you've heard 1000 times before. That's why people hate truth. Truth is boring. Stories and tales are exciting and new and people like exciting and new. Drama – people eat it up. Hate is fun – people love to hate. It's not having someone to love that's drama – having someone to HATE is drama. And that's why so many people love the political mudslinging that's probably going on right now.

I say "probably going on" because well I'm out of touch with politics. I have too much more interesting things to do than to watch a year old ping pong game….

"He stinks" "He momma wears army boots" "You smell like doodie." "Nobody likes you and it's all your fault". blah blah blah. 1st grade stuff. And most drama throughout life is exactly like that. So Ken's answer? Have more interesting things to do. Not necessarily interesting to anybody else but interesting to YOU.

So thanks Maxine! You said it in WAY fewer words than I could :)^^^

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