I see two Republican parties and two Democratic parties.

I see two Republican parties and two Democratic parties.

One Republican and one democratic party are the compromizers. They form the Barbara Bush / Bill Clinton Republican / Democrat parties.

That’s the moderates. Standard members. I don’t know who is left in federal politics that represents the Bush-era Republican, which used to be the standard but there’s still a lot of moderates in the Democrat party, usually called Centrist by the other two parts of the Democrat and Republican parties, which are further to the sides.


I’m way off in what they now call “Progressive”. I think I’m supposed to be invading Berkeley wearing a mask and starting firecrackers or something.

I’m an INFP but I also can score as an INTP. About 50-/50 F/T.

The S — my mother’s an S. She wanted to be a policewoman back when they didn’t exist. She’s law and order but she’s also liberal in most of her values . Live and let live but don’t break the law.

We joke that she’d make a great prosecuting attorney and I’d make a good defense attorney.



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