I see things as physical. VERY physical. Including energy and thought.

I have a strange (maybe not) view of reality.
I see things as physical. VERY physical. Including energy and thought. But not in the way ppl usually consider physicalism (or whatever it’s called):

At present, thoughts show up in my brain. They go down the nerves via photons being passed (to simplify) from electron to electron down the nerves, activating the muscles, which pass the photons through the electrons between my fingers and the keyboard, to the copper, through the computer, down the wifi to my router, through the Internet, to your computer/phone, photons exiting the screen into your eyes down your optic nerves into your brain.

As I see time a little oddly too, I see this as a very physical connection.

To communicate, is a physical connection from brain to brain, no matter the conduit, even across time.


I know. I was obsessed with it for a while. It’s just a way I see invisible strings connecting ppl who are communicating.


When I search for a cellphone signal, I see hooks coming from the sky and I wave my arm around with my phone at the end of it, trying to be the worm getting caught on one of the hooks so that i get a connection to the wider Internet.

Just how I see.


“the” conveys a sense of absoluteness to something, whether it deserves it or not. “see” is internal for me mostly. Little hamster wheels always spinning, splattering paint on the inside of my mind.


Want to slow me down? Hand me a broom and walk away. I’ll just stand there not knowing what to do with it until instructed.

If I pick up the broom myself, I know what to do with it but not if it’s handed to me.



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