I see the politics of religion as separate from the religion.I see the politics of science as separate from the science.

Well I definitely thank you for going through the points thoroughly and carefully from your perspective.

You may be surprised that I understand your point of view and I do not reject it.

I am somewhat surprised that in all of our discussions that you believe I am ignoring something.

But, I will do this for you:

a) Climate change exaggerated by human activity is a reality.
b) Steps need to be taken in order to fix this issue.
c) I am feeling no pain.
d) Science does what it does and it does it well.
e) What religions do should have little to do with what science does.
f) When activities in the name of religious bodies or religious things attempt to enter the political realm and interfere with scientific progress, this is a problem.

I see the politics of religion as separate from the religion.
I see the politics of science as separate from the science.

I find this distinction important.

In its purest form, the Sciences are not politics.
In its purest form, Religions are not politics.

But, they can both be used as tools for politics.

What do I mean by politics?

“debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.”

Power. That is when politics enters in.


I do not see conflicts between Science and Religions. I do not believe they typically even have any real overlap whatsoever.

But they can sometimes. When they do, that is the politics of one and the politics of the other fighting, not the science nor the religions. The politics of them.

Example: Wanting to change education in the public schools. That’s politics. Wanting to have separate private education that is a supplement to public school education. That is not politics. Wanting to REPLACE public education WITH private education and ignore the norms set by the surrounding society in education? That’s politics.


So there. I have attempted to find what I believe are reconciliation points between our perspectives. I’m not sure if you fully understand my perspective nor are you fully sure if I understand yours.

But I am trying. I welcome further refinement.



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