I see the market as a state governed system that without regulation leads to extreme bigs and smalls as it were very quickly.

 I see the market as a state governed system that without regulation leads to extreme bigs and smalls as it were very quickly.
But I see corporations as governments because they are responsible for people’s welfare in a number of ways as governments are (supposed to and actually do to a degree, if not always for the individual’s benefit).
I think people in survival situations _can_ learn to cooperate but I also think that betterment in non-survival situations in large groups is possible.
I don’t want to return to an era without the internet. It is my voice, my realm. How it was without vs with is night and day for me, but I got online at 17 and I’m 48 now so it’s intertwined with what “is me”.
It’s an extension my brain. Indeed, I am less without it. How would you and I be communicating now?
We wouldn’t.
So, while I look around me at all the trees, the noisy frogs and the chirping of who knows what — I’m sitting on my back lanai online, not talking to my neighbor or family but to you in a store-and-forward situation where you don’t have to respond immediately but can do so at your own leisure.
Can _I_ use government and corporation as a means to end that _I_ want? Yes. Here I am doing what it is I think is right for me to be doing right now.
Ultimately, I don’t know what is best for all. But I do know that affording individuals the space and tools to find out and explore is crucial for future’s success.
It may take several frameworks to hold it together. House needs framing and walls and air conditioning. Your affordances are limited if you are outside in the raw outdoors because you then have survival to attend to which can take away from limited energies and limited lifespans.
A call for “back to nature” is often a “call to survival”. Notions of the noble savage. Call of the wild. Frontier dreams, all fed by media representations of the 19th and 20th century through fictions such as Tarzan and given credence by traveling sideshows and bolstered by the occasional anthropologist with a story of a “wild child” — and later book sales and prestige.
19th century romanticism. It’s alluring. The draw is reinforced continually in various media. For me, “Grizzly Adams” was my first exposure on TV. I remember although I was perhaps 6 years old.
I’m harsh on it because it is where I lean and I have to fight it from time to time to hold myself to the flame.
“Romanticism had four basic principles: “the original unity of man and nature in a Golden Age; the subsequent separation of man from nature and the fragmentation of human faculties; the interpretability of the history of the universe in human, spiritual terms; and the possibility of salvation through the contemplation of nature.””
  Skeptic. Same here. “It’s all bullshit but wait, it’s got a point too”.
 They’re supposed to be the “face of the community” in government, so it’s good when they show up to things like this now and again.
Earth President Kenneth Udut (since Earth Day 2015, 9 months in a Google Fact Box too  ) agrees with you.
I realized I hold my opinion “as if” I’m in charge of everything, so why not just claim it. This is before Trump announced he was Running for US President. I had _no_ idea what was coming when I did this. So naive of me.
I decided that there would be no world economic system imposed by me. You can do it if you want to because you do anyway. It also means “no financial grants”. Less paperwork. You can be in charge of anything you want and making reports is optional.
I constructed it in such a way that I am not imposing anything on anybody. I will give my opinions on things as President but I won’t compel you by force just by word.
 made that video May 28 2015.
The news about Oskar’s international flag was a week before, May 20th, 2015 or so.
So it instantly inspired me which is why I used it.
May 27th 2015. Oops. This is the theme song for Earth by the way. I used “The Planting Song”, a children’s song about gardening that seemed appropriate for a central world government to proclaim for all to do.
 Ah! Well, I get the same thing about Bookchin that I do about Rothbard:
Never read either one.
My exemplar: DUNE. Had a friend OBSESSED with Dune way back. Hounded me for months to read it. Never did. Still haven’t. The harder the sell, the more I slip out the door.
It’s a series of tests that said what I supposedly am politically. I’m social anarchist. I’m Green party. I’m Progressive. I’m anarcho-communist.
Favorite from Jan 4, 2017 test:
“You are a: Socialist Pro-Government Multilateralist Bleeding-Heart Progressive”
But the most accurate (from a self-evaluation POV) was a little “side note” at the bottom of one of the tests (8-values I think?)

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