I save my outrage for times when I’m fighting outrage.

Sports is stupid and brings out the stupid in people.
That’s my answer. Sports fans are not rational human beings when they are being sports fans but going “yay” and “boo” and all those things.

USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA is a war cry of the USA.

It’s also chanted at sports games.

I’m not their mommas, I suppose they’d all get a stiff lecture about its inappropriateness becausesome people will be offended by them saying it.

It means “God is greater than…” whatever the situation is that’s going on. However excited you get about something, God’s still greater than that. It’s also said when a child is born. It’s said when someone died. Moments of great emotional distress. Sports is definitely a place of great emotional express.

Sports is stupid and brings out the stupid in people.

Dude, I’ve heard Fundie Christians yelling, “PRAISE JESUS!” during moments of silence, from those denominations that believe every moment is a moment to praise Jesus and that a secular moment of silence won’t overcome that.

“GO TEAM! KICK THEIR ASSES!” I’ve heard during moments of silence.

Should I tell people to lock up their donkeys because people yell that at sports games? Please.

IF they DID indeed say that, they were bring pricks. Let’s see – people being pricks during sports…. that’s just so uncommon.

“Oh look honey, that group over there didn’t take their hats off during the National Anthem”

“Oh, tsk tsk, they’re unAmerican and bad people. They probably hurt cats.”

The media is making a mountain out of a molehill.

“Let’s bomb Turkey because some idiots at a sports event got excited and said inappropriate things.”

There’s logic.


Allah Akbar isn’t cheering for somebody’s death. It’s a multipurpose phrase in times of excitement. Pops out. “Praise Jesus!’ “Allah Akbar!” “Woohoo!”

Ain’t much different.

You’re being a Church Lady.

Yes, it was inappropriate behavior and they should definitely go to the Principal’s office and get a note sent to their parents.


Mike, I was supposed to be at the WTC for training from 9/10 – 9/15, 2001.

Not one of the ones that got hit, but a WTC building across the street. I would’ve had nasty smoke inhalation and had to walk the damn bridge to find a way home, and PROBABLY would’ve forgotten my lunch.

Thankfully, BEFOREHAND I went over the head of my boss and HIS boss to get out of it, because it Unix training I *didn’t* need and I was in the middle of an important project that they were trying to give to another department and I wanted to keep, which I did.

So, they listened to me, I wasn’t there on 9/11/2001. A good happenstance for me.

I don’t think I would’ve died had I been there. But, I also could’ve died.

My sympathies go out to the people who die during terrorist attacks. I was almost one.

People in Turkey are stressed out because they’ve had to take in almost ALL of the refugees from Syria.


No. They don’t.

But they’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do. Syria is being bombs to shit by EVERYBODY because some training camps set up shop in there, and the head of Syria is over his head in fighting them.

Of course everybody wants Syria’s resources and history, so it’s not good enough to stand by Syrian prez and instead wants him personally removed. Of course Syrian’s diplomats don’t want to go for that.

War is stupid. Sports is stupid. Brings out the stupid in people, even myself. It’s really annoying stuff with all the people dying and whatnot and getting all excited and patriotic and shit.
I agree it was inappropriate.
But I think the media is making a big deal out of it and stirring up hatred and angst among its viewers/readers to sell more advertising space.

That’s what news does.

Anything that can REMOTELY be considered as “tied in”, they’re going to use to write stories.

You’re right about the less human. I just don’t think this ‘news story’ is one of those times.

Yet, you’re also right with me personally as I’ve found I’ve had to become selective about how far my sympathies go at times.

Emotional manipulation in media is hard to avoid and it’s an overused tactic to sell advertising space.

So, I don’t watch the news and try not to participate in it, unless it becomes something important to the people around me.

Why did I even participate in this discussion? Because it’s an issue that’s important to you, so I put what I knew on the table to try to help.

I had my FB profile picture for france until I learned about other attacks that *didnt* have a flag-face option.

So I removed the flag. Personal choice. I don’t have a problem with other people having it.

Terrorism is a bad bad thing. Insensitive people is also a bad thing but not as bad as terrorism.

I don’t think we’re close to the end of the world, Mike.

There’s always been war at every point in human history and there *probably* always will be some kind of war.

But yet, we’ve made advancements. Wars have ended through peaceful negotiations… EVENTUALLY… and this one will end too, and we will continue.

This war will affect some of us, but won’t affect most of us.

Even during world wars, life carried on for MOST people. They were far larger than this one.

Keep positive. We’ll get through this,

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