I reserve my hate and use it only when I must.

It could be real. Years of being saturated by images, music and videos designed to appeal to my emotions, to make me think or feel a particular way.

Anytime I come across a picture/sound/movie designed to make me feel something, I’m skeptical. Why did this picture/sound/movie make it ALL THE WAY from where it came from to me, with the message attached to it?

So, while it may be real (and if it is, I’m sorry for the guy that’s dead – I don’t like seeing dead people) – my default position is “probably fake until shown otherwise”.

So, it’s a bias on my part upon all messages that try to prove something to me.

yeah. I don’t follow the news but it strikes me as “excuses for bad behavior” on the part of the people giving the messages.

Shakespeare said, I think in Macbeth? I don’t remember: “Methinks she doth protest too much”.

In short, whenever someone is trying REALLY HARD to prove something in a singular, one-sided way to me, (such as: There are these people in a land far away that are positively evil and we will prove it to you. You will hate them and give us the freedom to do atrocious things that might infringe upon basic human liberties.”

But, I’m not a fan of war anyhow. I remember Kosovo. The numbers of presumed dead went from hundreds, to thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

After it was all over, a Spanish team of investigators counted the dead. It was a high number, and a shame – I think it was somewhere around 3800 dead – but nowhere near the huge numbers we were being told in the USA. i don’t like gross inaccuracies for the purpose of making me feel something, especially hate. I reserve my hate and use it only when I must.

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