I remember I had to resurrect my ancient college email address from 25 years ago to do it.

Been on here around that long too. 2006/7 I forget – I remember I had to resurrect my ancient college email address from 25 years ago to do it.

I wasn’t overly impressed then – didn’t think it would take off. Used it mostly as a junk-bin for link SEO for a bit.

But, I was wrong. I didn’t think the white-on-blue theme would be a hit; lack of customization surprised me ’cause at the time, heavy customization was a big deal in social media of the time. But, they were right… and persistent… mostly persistent.

I’m surprised Facebook’s been here this long smile emoticon They hit on something I hadn’t seen since.. ahem… AOL days: making a service for _regular_ people. Brilliant move on their part.


Prodigy for a few months. THAT means you’ll remember my #1 service:

PC-Link. That was my main service. Hooked on it. 1989 I got on, along with local BBS’ and stuff. Tried Compuserve but too expensive. Prodigy – wow, haven’t heard that in a LONG time.


Oh! I still have an external zip drive hanging around. That was THE ANSWER to 3.5″ floppy mass storage for a bit for me. But as the parallel ports started vanishing from the computers, I transferred it all to one computer, then the next, then the next ’til I had a 2 TB external and now they feel safe again. I never felt safe keeping stuff on a computer that’s in daily use.

Man you had dedicated dialup. I’m jealous. I always had ppl mad at me for taking up the phoneline. I *did* get my own number for a bit to run various BBS’ in the 90s, one of them a Waffle so I could do real Usenet newsgroups and email. That was fun stuff. Internet’s way better now though. I’ll take broadband _any_ day.


I love today. I got my brother to understand the awesomeness of nerd-dom when he got his first decent smartphone and I stuck the Dish thing on it for him a few years back. Now he’s got his own Facebook group, watches youtube while he drives, got himself his own wifi booster for his truck – all by himself. I knew he was a closet nerd but was hiding it all these years. [he likes projecting redneck image]

I cant wait to see what’s coming next. Tech always seems too slow for me honestly. I got hooked on Minecraft in 2012, ran a big server for a few years, loved how the people would get together and build stuff on a virtual world hiding on my cheap laptop.

So much potential yet to come.


Now you went ahead and inspired me. I’m fascinated by efforts to archive the ancient online world and I’m researching to see if anybody managed to get Prodigy archived somewhere, somehow. I’m reading the journey of a guy who was working on it: can’t wait to see if he succeeded.


me too. That’s me at 11, 1983. Tandy Color Computer 2. Oddly enough, as I always enjoyed new tech, I developed an interest in past tech as well – typewriters, cryptography, alt interfaces, ergonomics (human/machine interfaces) and stuff…. never gets dull man. And a commie? I never had much of a chance to work with them, but I always wanted to. Their Q-Link service was fascinating to me in the 80s, and when I got my first real computer (Tandy 1000 TL, 286), first thing I begged for is a modem. I wanted what they had.


I have an IBM selectric with a malfunctioning keyboard cable sitting in a closet. I loved the typing speeds on it (when it worked). I type 110 wpm regularly but one thing I missed from typewriters was that feeling that you’re DOING something as you type. Loud. But nobody else likes it, so silent typing it is tongue emoticon

Yeah that’d be the TI-99 probably – it had the cartrige that slid sideways into it I think.


That ball man… I know – it was just the most awesome thing. he thing would just spin back and forth as you typed, and it didn’t care HOW fast you typed, it could keep up with 2x the speed. Quality stuff.



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