I remember at 8 yrs old wanting to vote for “John Anderson” ’cause he was this mysterious “dark horse”

[and I remember at 8 yrs old wanting to vote for “John Anderson” ’cause he was this mysterious “dark horse” third party. I found that fascinating and to this day, I’m Independent.


Politically, I apparently line up nearly perfectly with Sanders.
But I’m an adult, too. Being independent lifelong has been a good thing. I don’t fear any of them. The powers are limited constitutionally. Some thing will get approved and vetoed. Some justice will get appointed that will piss some people off. Laws will change.

But most life? Won’t change much for most people.


Nothing new there though, Shawn. Going through history, same stuff has always happened.

For me, I barely knew Obama was there. I remember he got elected by canvassing neighborhoods. I thought that was clever for 2008.

I don’t even REMEMBER who I voted for in 2008 + 2012. I know I voted for H.Ross Perot in ’92 and ’96. Pissed off my republican friends ’cause they thought “we threw away the vote”. But “they” didn’t. I raised up my index finger once and said, “I wouldn’t have voted for Bush anyway and I voted for Perot.” Shut them up real quick

Obamacare got riddled with enough holes during the process that what was signed isn’t the intention, and whoever the next prez is, even Clinton, will either get rid of it altogether, or change it so much that it’ll be unrecognizable.

Each president has to make their mark and one of the things that EVERY president does, is get rid of an unpopular thing from the previous presidency, even if they’re politically similar. It’s their way of pissing on the tree.



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