I rarely read books cover-to-cover but I like to know the stories.

I’m admittedly not much of a reader of fiction… I think the last fiction book I read was that one by Dan Brown and I was kinda pushed into it.

I tend to scan books, even non-fiction… never finished lord of the rings, harry potter, hunger games… always felt like a failing on my part, but what I do instead is I get enthusiastic readers of the books to summarize it for me.  Their enthusiasm for the story keeps me interested and hearing it from their perspective is more interesting to me than reading the actual tales.

I did read the Hobbit though all the way through – and the first Ender’s Game when it came out.

The rest, I’d get from other people or look up summaries  I guess I’m a cheater :P

[wow… now I think I’m going to go on a quest to get the authoritative list of every book I ever read from cover to cover, vs those that I can successfully pretend that I read… I’m such a narcissistic data-nut :P ]

The books look awesome though and I’ll read what you wrote on the web page; I’m good at reading web pages :D

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