I put Vasos’ work on youtube – the byzantine historilogical distillation

Vasos’ work I put into Youtube with CC

I wanted to give your reading list and extensive note-taking that took you a long time to compile the proper respect it deserves. I wanted to learn about the Byzantine mind, so I split the references into sections using your delimiter, ran them through a text to speech + made them into closed captions set upon blank videos.

330 I came up with. I processed most of them over the past few days but when I came across Game Theory and Leadership quotes, I realized that I probably shouldn’t continue.

I meant it out of respect and to learn-by-doing, but if I’m understanding the Byzantine mind well enough, it looks like theft.

The Byzantine mind is likely my ideological opposite in many ways but I am a naive, agnostic, liberal sort, prone to fanciful thinking.

I’ll be happy to delete them/set them to private/unlisted if you have the slightest misgiving. I may do so anyway – I’m not sure.

I stopped after the Game theory and Leadership quotes. Went from 330–>77 or so when I saw them. I let the enthusiasm of the project take over but it was then that my brain kicked in.

and  – don’t share them to your profile please as I don’t know if I’m keeping them and really, I just processed Vasos’ hard work in a form that I learned better with.

Here is what I did and my apologies, Vasos:




I just got 3/4 of the way through turning “Sourcebook for a Modern Byzantine Macro-Byzantine Historiographical Distillation Modern Ivy Byzantine Encyclios Paideia Epitome” into 330 text to speech black videos with closed captioning…. until I actually *did* understand the Byzantine mind enough to realize that the Byzantine mind of the guy that put it together would think I was stealing his scholarly work… so I stopped just 60 videos shy of finishing, surprised him with it with an apology and offering to take it down.

The mindset is *so foreign* to INFP way of thinking but i _really_ wanted to learn. And so, I did.

Anyway, in my case, it would be:

Sourcebook for a Modern Byzantine Macro-Byzantine Historiographical Distillation Modern Ivy Byzantine Encyclios Paideia Epitome with a chainsaw.

Yeah, I get ridiculous ideas sometimes.

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