I poured my heart into th…”

See the person (whoever that is) that has the 5 second + 30 second version of the book has a very light weight to carry – a few words to carry around, a rough “gist of it” and, like a bee carrying a tiny bit of necter, he can fly around from flower to flower – from audience to audience, from person to person, organization to organization, and pick up more and more pollen. But you know too much – …you know not only the wholel contents of the book – you know all of the things you DIDN’T WRITE – and that’s heavy. That’s a lot of stuff. It’s harder for you to give the “tip of the iceburg” when you know what color eyes the 3,293nd microbe living 5 feet underneath the bottom of the iceburg has: stuff nobody but you knows about. It’s a burden, really. and it slows you down, weighs you down. And of course theres the whole “I poured my heart into th… “

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