I pattern humanity after myself generally. – Kenneth Udut

I pattern humanity after myself generally. I see myself as an individual and I believe others are individuals as well. All 7 billion+ with no exceptions plus those already came and gone and those yet to be.

Each of these 7 billion+ individuals are capable of free thinking but ALSO have a tendency (as do I) to get caught up in the “spirit of the times” – whatever is happening around them – and can lose their clear thinking temporarily.

Advertising and Marketing is genius at taking advantage of that.

So are politicians. :P

I’m the only subjective me there is and have nothing to compare to except for agreements that I suppose might relate also to me. I’ve never been in another subjective point of view but can only empathize or sympathize, agree or disagree. Private minds, man. Everything else is interpretation of behaviors, including language and such.

I mock the certitude of opinion by mocking my own.



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