I overwhelmed teachers and bosses with beyond expectations level

I expected as much.
I pulled the same thing with teachers. From at least the 5th grade onwards that I can recall, “One paragraph” consisted of a single indentation, and filling up as much paper as was available.

Complaints of “run on sentence”, “More than a paragraph” abounded in red pen. Did I stop? No. I was going to overwhelm the teacher. My thoughts were, “You want the answer? Oh, you’ll get the answer alright”.

It was my way of sorting out teacher capabilities. If they were going to grade *me*, I was going to grade *them*. I never held teachers at a higher level, not after my 2nd grade teacher was a man-hating idiot. The only woman I ever hated. They were just older and were my teachers due to their assigned position and an accident of timing of birth.

I had the same opinion of bosses. Never had a fear. I could’ve been them in different circumstances. I do my job at a beyond-expectations level but I don’t do it for them. I do it as a test of myself for myself. Their needs were secondary. That it happened to make each company significant unexpected profit due to my efforts didn’t matter. I just wanted to test my capabilities and get a paycheck. Their business wasn’t mine.

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