I once subjected 9000 of them to an AI tool used for librarians

You know it. I’ve even put a lot of it (well, stuff I’ve written online) on a public website – hoping it’ll self-organize into something – it’s icopiedyou dot com – its got about 25,000 little snippets of writings I did through the decades. Nothing organized, just by date. Still in the process of filling it in. I have a lot of notebooks to go through, more internet searches. Even these very messages (my parts out of context, nobody else’s words) are going to go into it.

I once subjected 9000 of them to an AI tool used for librarians. It figured out what parts of the library my writings would go and with the information I figured out where my tendencies are and more interestingly, what areas I seem to have no interest in whatsoever.- that surprised me.

I have a few books on Amazon for fun. Nothing serious yet. I’m too disorganized for an organized book just yet.


I’m obsessed with literally “collecting my thoughts”. Thought collector. I’ve been using Vine for the purpose too. Got 12,000 little 6 second vines over the past 2.5 years. I have no idea how to organize anything of it yet but at least I’m collecting it. I don’t expect anything to come of it but I figure SOMEBODY’s gotta collect it all together (the thoughts in my head that I reveal) – might as well be me.



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