I never liked how a certain part of the right feels as if they alone define what it means to be an American and to be patriotic.

I’m Patriotic which is *why* I support Hampshire College’s decision here.

I never liked how a certain part of the right feels as if they alone define what it means to be an American and to be patriotic.


I was at Hampshire when Bush sr started the first Iraq war.

I saw it on the dumb terminal in the computer lab. Green letters, BITNET RELAY chat.

I told EVERYBODY I could find about it. It took TWO HOURS before someone dragged a TV in and we waited for some news on TV.

Finally, after a 1/2 hour further (2.5 hours after I heard about it on bitnet / (nternet) ) – it was on CNN.

It was that that point, 25 years ago, I knew the internet was gonna be a good thing for the world.


Some dude burned himself in Amherst MA while I was there I could smell the body smoke a few hours later. Light blue, smelled like honeysuckle.

A note said he was protesting the Iraq war.

Lots of crazy stuff happened in that time frame just like today. College is still there, America’s still here.

At the time, a professor had an art exhibit with nude pictures of his daughter. THAT was sure to shut down the college for sure right? Didn’t. This won’t either.


I wasn’t to finish (single mom, mortgage counted as asset instead of liability (thanks Reagan :( ) – but the 1.5 yrs I was able to go was transformational and I have no regrets.


Complex systems, official and unofficial, work.

Example: The fact that so many fear a Trump presidency causing the country to go to crap will result in actions that will prevent the country from going to crap. This isn’t just activists but existing systems in place.

That’s not to say the systems are “too big to fail” but I’m thinking systems-in-total. For example, the political balance is pretty well split 50/50 in the USA. One extreme is matching the other and tussling. There’s a strong core of central pulling at the two sides, each to their own abilities.

I don’t fret. If i wasn’t a white male, I’d fret. At the same time, I do what I can to promote core American values when I see evidence of them and push back against elements that seem to approve of fascist tactics because, flag or not, fascism is unAmerican to me.


With everything you say and do you’re fighting for the America you believe in. Took me a long to come to terms with the fact that we’re all political creatures in some way but we are. I know where I stand.


yeah, this is a ‘flash in the pan’. They’ll just add it to their list of “why libtards are ruining everything’ and claim that all schools are doing it.

It’s not like the left is financially broke Let’s say Hampshire College loses fed funding in a “worst case scenario” Trump administration that _somehow_ manages to act _despite_ fed/state balance and local ordinance and gets the cooperation of _all_ parties and every court involved to try to make it happen.

What then? Hampshire adjusts. More private funding, cost cutting measures in the college itself – there’s plenty of room for hampshire college to continue under the worst of possible scenarios.

But those scenarios are unlikely. Trump wasn’t unlikely, Mike. A republican almost always comes in after a democrat.

What -should have- happened is Trump winning by a landslide But he didn’t. It was a paltry win. The conservatives are weak, not strong.


VA hospitals are underfunded and understaffed in a lot of places. Neighbor’s vietnam vet and he’s had some personal horror stories dealing with them. For one surgery they had to send him to the local hospital and send the bill to them because they didn’t have qualified surgeons and he *still* had to pay some of it.

So, it’s far from perfect. There’s long delays, at least around here, for most things apparently.




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