I mocked primaries. I don’t anymore.

In Florida, the call is going out to *check your registration* before the last filing day.

I had issues changing from Indy to Democrat (first time for me ever) back in July.

The website JUST wouldn’t work.

It took me 5 tries to get it to go through. Got kicked out at the end of registration with a vague error. So, I just did it again. And again. And again. And again.

A lot of people complained to each other about that online so it wasn’t just me. [or my mother, who also went from lifelong Independent to Democrat for these primaries…. ].

But I think in our county’s case, even though it’s pretty “Red”, I think it probably _was_ a technical glitch and not foul play. Still though.

It’s still there. Good. Still so weird seeing “Florida Democratic Party”. I’m willing to be “Democratic Progressive” but since its a Caucus _within_ the Florida Democratic Party, I’m under the umbrella of Democrat.

Switching was mentally hard. But now I “get it”. Two years ago, I didn’t “get it”. I mocked primaries. I don’t anymore.

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