I mean, what’s Facebook? A BBS. What are we doing right now? A chat room.

it’s true: and who would’ve thought all that nerdy stuff we were doing would become so common now?

I mean, what’s Facebook? A BBS. What are we doing right now? A chat room. Who’s using it? Just a few computer nerds and friends? Nope: like, a good part of the planet. Blows my mind.

[D.N.: i know, you know… I use to come over and spend the entire night messing around on your computer.. Bbs and chat it was all so amazing back then.. It still feels so weird how far technology has come so quickly]


I loved those books! I had those books too – love ’em! Yeah, it’s so awesome now. You wonder about something you just look it up.

Of course the drawback is there’s a lot of wrong information online: just as much wrong information here as there was if you asked your next door neighbor’s cat for answers. So we _still_ have to sift through to figure it out. But I’ll take it, the good and the bad. I love it smile emoticon


That being said, I really avoid having to deal with email whenever possible. It just feels… old. I used to live in my mailbox but now there’s better alternatives everywhere.


Oh I don’t want email to go away. I don’t want fax to go away yet either: I use the fax machine a few times a month for stuff. Running a business you gotta have a fax machine.

There’s something nice about the immediacy of it and the “realness” of the paper.

Heck, shortwave is still alive and kicking. I’ve got a radio here somewhere. I should stick some batteries in it and give it a listen.


What’s weird to me is how email because the default “home base” for people. Your email is you. When you sign up for stuff, you gotta use your email. Even when you ‘login with facebook’, you’re REALLY logging in with your email.

Yet, email is the most insecure thing.. and then there’s our dependence upon passwords for everything. But, the whole system was never set up for security anyway.


phone lines.. I know. I know. I’m on DSL which runs over phone lines [’cause it’s dirt cheap]…. yet I find that phone just… SITTING THERE, doing nothing most of the time.. to be kind of annoying.


Yeah, I’d trust a fax over anything sent over a computer as validation of identity. Even if the fax machine is improperly set up, you’ve got phone records to back up transmissions.

While there’s systems (like level3) that keep track of all IP traffic… how much is stored? Not like phone calls are.

My favorite email is – the email that nobody needs at gmail. – with dots inbetween. I winnowed my junk email accts down to just a few because I have to check them once in a while and I hate forgetting one of my accts.


Wish we had better cell coverage way out here… I’ve love to ditch them as well.


My poor ancient aol address – about every 3 months I have to go in and deal with one of those header fake spoof situations. Still, I keep it up. I don’t know if it’s my oldest email but it’s gotta be close: 1994 I think. Might be the oldest.



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