I mean… they really believe this is our future?

also, I’m not worried about the singularity.
The initial premise is broken.
The exponential growth slowed down years ago.  Fear of change is all this is.  We’re human.  We adapt well.  We’re already like the guy at the end of the video.  The future’s already here.  And it’s not bad at all.  I like it.

I like Hawking but his celebrity went to his head and the Theoretical physicists just want to keep the money in theoretical physics now that STRING THEORY is a bust more or less, and money is starting to turn towards artificial intelligence.

I mean… they really believe this is our future?  Come on.  It’s already here and who’s complaining?   Look at us – we’re connected.  HOW ARE YOU READING THIS MESSAGE RIGHT NOW?  Yeah.  Hooked up to machines?  We’re here ppl. It’s nice.  Mad scientists are the stuff of bad sci-fi.

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