I made use of the Excel features already in thinBASIC

I made use of the Excel features already!

Thanks for the Excel integration. That was the biggest feature for me. I already put something together with it last night – a simple console based “thought collector” that takes what you write, date/time stamps it in one column and puts what you write in another column, saves the changes, then asks for more.

When you’re finished, you just type “bye”.

I guess it’s like a log file / captain’s log / type of thing. I love being able to CONTROL Excel from the “outside” rather than depending on VBA, which I love too, but I don’t like being married so firmly to macro limitations.

Compiled to an EXE and I can share it, which I did already. What you did is marvelous and easy. First little EXE I’ve made in a long time. Very satisfying

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