I love random people with open minds.

June 13, 2012:
I love random people with open minds.
Yesterday morning, I was in a video chat (“Hangout”) with a group of people, none of whom knew me nor did I know them, nor did they know each other. One guy was playing his piano and talking and everybody was chit chatting. Then a guy in the room from Brazil started playing HIS piano. Applause, “Great Job!”, etc.
Now I couldn’t stand it. Unplugged my netbook, brought it to my piano, and I started playing. Then we’re doing duets. Then … um.. tripets? – all three of us at once. My mind = blown. The other piano players’ minds=blown and the 7 other people from 7 other places minds = blown.
I mostly stayed away from Hangouts for the rest of the day (because it can be as addictive as video games or fashion can be to other people). But last night, I joined a small hangout called simply “Draw and Chat”. And that was JUST as amazing: random people with open minds drawing, some on the computer, some on pen and paper, showing off their work, while we chit chatted and complemented each other on their works.
They even encouraged me to draw a little (I can’t draw, but they encouraged me)
Absolutely mellow, pleasant, nothing fake about the whole thing. Nobody put on airs, pretended to be what they weren’t. Just honest people from all places, all ages, who DIDN’T feel like watching TV or playing a video game or knitting or complaining or reading a book but instead ENGAGING with other random people with open minds. Restores all my faith in humanity: that the best can come out of people if you just allow a safe environment to let creativity flow.

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