i love people… at arms length but really love a light breeze through the trees.

Oh it makes sense.  I’m more feminine in a lot of ways than masculine.  I’ve had to learn to put some doors around my empathy because it’s a powerful emotional sucking force; and I can better choose when to open the doors and when to leave them closed, but some always slides under the crack at the bottom.

I love people; at arms length, manageable distance because it can get overwhelming at times, unless they’re people with compatible energies, which are kinda rare but they’re around.  I used to get tossed to and fro; even now, I can get emotionally thrown by a few wrong words from certain people at the wrong time.

But nature?  I love nature.  I can’t name trees beyond a few, but I love the wind.  A  light breeze, the quiet sounds of leaves making music.  It’s energizing to me.

My computer is on the back porch of our house.  Screen from floor to ceiling.  I’m outdoors for as many hours a day as I can be.  [semi-outdoors; there’s a roof and a semi-defense against mosquitos]

I just love it.

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