I love noticing connections between songs

Thank you smile emoticon I love noticing connections between songs. Thankfully I’m not alone; normally when I hear a connection, I google it and someone else noticed it as well. I don’t know if anybody else spotted this connection yet but either way, I’ll claim it as my own smile emoticon It should’t be too surprising that a band that’s been around as long as Coldplay has and who has reached the extreme levels of stardom as they have [enough to result in continual criticism of “sameness” – which I’ve done as well], would likely have a world-class knowledge of music from all genres.

It’s a simple chord progression and it’s likely been used in many different songs. It’s possible they were inspired by one of the other songs that have used it. The strange thing about music, as you know, is you don’t always _remember_ where the inspiration comes from. Crediting the Muse [Muse/Music] is always a wise decision in any case. But it’s nice when the lateral connections happen smile emoticon

I am a fan of 1980s style video game music; I was surprised when it became “a thing” in the early 2000s. It was nice to be able to take this piece that has been running through my mind for many.. hm.. decades now… and turn it into an authentic “chiptune”; as if I had 8 old fashioned video game consoles chained together, each playing a separate part.


I enjoy the correlations. On my list of “somedays” I want to someday do a serious study of the period between 1830-1850, with a focus at around 1840. It always struck me that a LOT of very significant things happened in that time frame, in politics, music, art, science, religion, writing, technology – a explosion of new thought that seemed strikingly different from the few generations prior. 

One of these days I’ll dive in. I’m still filling in my gaps of ancient history but I’ll work my way back more modern history soon smile emoticon

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