I love everybody that I kno

I love everybody that I know and have ever known, each for their own unique reasons. Heather M on Facebook is a special favorite because she is one who helps me recall events of my past and bring out the yapper in me. Here’s a piece of an awesome (public) conversation. Yes, I was mulling about what I’d be like as a cartoonist :P

*H M M* What I love about your ideas Ken is that you get even strong ideas across without push, without aggression, without any sense of ”you should listen to me because I’m smarter than you.” If you were a cartoonist I have no doubt it would capture the kindness in your nature and the way you put things out there because you can’t bear to keep a good idea all to yourself.

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*Kenneth Udut* I love you Heather. I really do. Yes, I have this weird combination: I feel this need to share it PLUS I don’t need everyone to agree with me but I’d like them at least to love me.

Back when I was in my early 20s, I had a job at a waste management treatment place. Engineering department (my first real encounter with the Engineer personality type). Heavy duty data entry, a little programming. Each day, I’d think of a ”words of wisdom” idea, print it on the laser printer and stick it up in my cubicle. By the time the job was done, I had about 400 ideas (still sitting in a file someplace, 17 years later).

On my last day of the job a man who never seemed to like me was walking near. I stopped him and said, ”Bob (we’ll call him Bob) – I’m leaving today because my temp assignment is over. But I need to know: I know you never cared much for me. Can you let me know why? It will help me a lot in my future.”

He was silent for a moment, then a ”aw, screw it why not” face crossed over him. He replied, ”Honestly, Ken, I hated your quotes every day.”

”Why?” I said, quite surprised and curious.

”Well…” he paused verbally as he began to walk away. As he was about to cross the threshold into the hallway he turned his head around and looked me in the eye and said, ”They made me think. I hated you for forcing me to think every morning.” and he moved on.

He taught me several lessons that day that I never forgot. And I am forever grateful to him for it.

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