I look at a situation and ask myself, “Is it me who needs to jump in NOW and fix this? Am I qualified with the proper tools (mental and physical and resource)?”

Know “when to act” matters. That’s hard and you’re right: when do you jump in and act? When do you stand back and let someone more qualified to it?

I have a kind of “doctors instinct”, even though I’m not a doctor: I look at a situation and ask myself, “Is it me who needs to jump in NOW and fix this? Am I qualified with the proper tools (mental and physical and resource)?”

If I am, I act. Period. No question.

Life or death? Well, I like mine. I got my one shot here and I’m not looking to be a martyr.

But I want to help as many ppl as I can along the way and if I look over my shoulders and nobody else is stepping in, I jump in without a further hesitation.


I never ‘felt white’ or ‘felt male’. I’m just here. Not very emotional, although I have ‘em and they’re useful. I don’t like them taking over but sometimes I let them.


I was never qualified for military. 1/2 deaf + 1/2 blind (although I hide it well), but it was never something that would’ve been a career choice for me even if i could. I’m too heady for it. I’m glad there’s people that want to go out and do all that stuff, but it never seemed all that romantic to me. Just seemed like a job. Some people get really into it, come home and don’t know what to do with themselves: and it’s those people I feel bad for.


Well, I got no problem with you fighting for your kids. Fighting for your family. I mean, that’s the role you’re supposed to play and I respect that.

I guess I never romanticized this image of “real man”. I see military as a job someone chooses – a career path that’s good for the economically, not great but good enough. Make it through whatever assignments you have, and you come home and enjoy civilization for the rest of it.


Not all heroes wear capes, and being a hero doesn’t require you to sacrifice your life.

Heroes are long term, not disposable. You know how hard day-to-day life can be. That’s war. You’re in it now. If you put your ALL into your every day JUST LIKE you were sacrificing your life for your country or cause, you’re a hero.


Being a perennial nerd (or terminal?) – online since 1989, I live and breath Internet socialization. I have my life outside of the ‘net – always did – but I treat the people here – you, Nik, anybody who I talk to, as brothers and sisters; as family.

Everybody has something that really matters to them; something at their core… something that needs encouragement – something forgotten, just under the surface.

I don’t know what that is. I don’t ask or bring it up, but everybody’s got that “something”.

I approach each conversation I’m in as an opportunity to find that “something” that needs a boost and give it one.

It leads to a sense of friendship, comradary, a “we’re in it together”, being on this crazy planet together.

So while I may not be saving people physically, I strive to save people …. socially? emotionally? mentally? I don’t know what it’s called really.

I get many opportunities each time I’m online. I never know when or whom.

I have to figure out: Am I just their “boredom cure”? Well, I’m ok with that up to a point; sometimes they’re mine. But I try to get in there and “find that thing”, whatever it is, and draw it out some now. Find an infection, put some salve on it. Doctor’s instinct. Opportunities abound.

Yet I know my limits; Some people aren’t fixable. Everybody’s a little broken though. I don’t fix anybody or really save anybody anyhow.

I’m not even sure what I’m trying to bring people towards. Maybe being more of who they are? Sounds crackpot saying it aloud. But whatever. It’s a purpose.


That it does. My ‘call to battle” is different than yours – many of the people I’m protecting extends in the future. [Generation Z is one of my causes ’cause what they’re doing now (and what our generations are doing for and to them) affects the future of the planet).

The right circumstance, would I be willing to die for it? Probably. I’ve been asked and asked myself that question many times through the years. The answers change, sometimes I have no answer. Sometimes I do. Right now I have no answer but in a year? Maybe I’ll have an answer again.

One of my causes is coping skills – particularly online bullying. I don’t work officially: I go in where I see I can help.

If I can step in, say a few words that can help give someone a strategy that keeps them from going into a self-absorbed black hole of depression or rage or hate, then I’ve done something good. If I can help turn enemies into friends I’m done good.

I’m “a face” online. One of my jobs – missions – I don’t know what it is: is to be “some guy out there” that helps let someone know in some way that they can get through whatever it is. I believe in them. I support them, in bad and good, right or wrong.

I don’t expect to be remembered. But if a few words I wrote or said resonates in someone at just the right moment that they need it, I know I’ve done well. I won’t get the satisfaction of feedback: I don’t expect it. But the future matters to me.

When I see someone who sees only a bleak, hopeless future, I try to get them to see past the wall they put up. Spot the bullshit. Learn to fight against those trying to bring them down.

I just wish I was better at it. My only weapons and salves are words. Finding the right ones. Right time. Everybody’s different. I never know what it’s going to be.

Some people need to fight, so I fight. Some people need a slap in the face. They get a slap in the face. If someone needs to hear something at that moment, I try to find those words.

Yet, If someone needs someone to cling on, then I shake them off: they can cling on someone else. If someone is just bored, well, they can be bored with someone else.

anyway, I support your purpose, Brian. It seems to run through you to the core and it’s genuine. Apologies for being flippant earlier. I misjudged your intention.



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