I listen to people older than me and younger than me.

I listen in both directions and tell in both directions.
I like to listen to people older than me so that I can get a deeper connection to the past. My grandmother did not tell stories as she was quiet. My mother tells stories about her past – and stories that others told her when she was young. I have a story about her great-grandmother about dresses.

“Oh it must have been great to wear those long, beautiful dresses when you were young!” my mother said to her great-grandmother when she was little.

Her great-grandmother’s reply?

“Bah, I hated those things! Always getting mud on them!” and a few other things about them like the difficulty of putting them on that kinda burst my mom’s bubble. She’s 74 now. I’m 43. I’m retelling it. So that’s not QUITE civil war level, but it’s early 20th century in any case.

But I also listen in the other direction. I want to know the future. The way to know the future is to listen to the attitudes of young people and get a sense of the up-and-coming society.

Generation “Alpha” which would be the one past Generation Z is a little too young but GenZ _is_ completely online and I’m lucky enough to have a bunch of that (my 10 yr old nephew’s) generation following me on Vine, so I get to get a sense of “What’s coming” by hearing what they find funny, what’s important to them and stuff like that.

I have a good feeling of the future btw. When I’M an old man, I think the world will start turning out just fine as my generation and the generation above me and the one below me start leaving power and the GenZ starts getting into power, being the first all-Internet generation.

I’ve been “Internet” since 1989, so I know the marvelous power having access to unlimited library resources and an unbelievably diverse amount of humans can be for myself.

I see a lot of “little me’s” – mostly the absurdist humor and the drive of curiousity that doesnt “stop short” at what someone tells them is so, but always says, “YEAH… BUT…”

I also share stuff. For a lot of them, I’m a link to the geek-80s, which is been getting a resurgence in popularity, so for THEM, I’m a living connection to all the retro-games, 8bit chiptunes, early Internet and stuff.

I don’t go on-and-on in nostalgia, as I happen to think TODAY is the best time to be alive of all, but I like to delve in once in a while, if for no other reason than to say, “Oh that, yeah. I was there and I was a part of that thing”.

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