I liked the speedy type drugs

I liked the speedy type drugs. LSD I enjoyed. Tried cocaine a few times when opportunity arose: I could see the appeal. Even did crack… twice. [short period of time].

Strange thing about crack: The taste. It took *ten years* before I forgot the taste at the back of my throat. It was like a sweet, pleasant plastic taste. I could recall it in a flash or it would show up on its own.

One day though the smell memory was gone. Wasn’t a craving though, just a taste memory.

Yeah – you were the mellow side. Never got into that side. Tried beer for a bit ’cause my bro drinks it a lot. A few years getting beer drunk. I could do it but it wasn’t a thrill. Pot, same thing. I didn’t get the ‘thing’ out of it that some people get. Heroine-y type things? Tried morphine pills twice – or one of the derivitives – I forget. Made me want to throw up – incompatible with me. So, I’m speedy mc speedy guy.


It’s true :) Coffee helps but even if I didn’t have it – and I’ve gone without for long periods of time – I was just the same. Mad Scientist personality type fits me well. Doc Brown maybe. Absent minded professor. Good archetypes for me.


light and sweet. sugar long gone though, just chems. powdered creamer too. Office coffee even though my office has been home for a long time.

One day, I’ll go black. Not sure if I could go without the sweet but I’ve done black sweet and it’s been fine.


Oh same. If I have to do ANYTHING for the first hour before coffee kicks in, it’s a miserable experience for me and whoever is demanding something of me.

My brain’s always working though but my body does not cooperate until the first giant cup kicks in.


I *could* get into Cuban coffee, the Greek coffee for the Italians from Cuba. Or something. They all do it super heavy in a small cup with a ton of sugar. It’s the polar opposite of a shot of liquor and you wake up IMMEDIATELY.

I did that for a bit but now I drink it weaker: two pots of medium strength columbian or arabica a day for me. It’s my main water source.



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