I liked loud and fast and this qualifies. – 3rd movement moonlight sonata

I loved the 3rd movement most of all. It had the most “heavy metal/rock” feel to it, and growing up in the 80s, surrounded by heavy metal and progressive rock – I liked loud and fast and this qualifies.

I searched Youtube quickly for a remix that captures a ‘bit’ of how I heard the third movement in my head when I’d play it for lessons.

This isn’t _really_ what I heard it my head but it’s part of it. Mine had more guitars and a pipe organ and canons and bare electronic sine wave sounds all intertwining and… well, this captures a tiny bit of it.

They primarily added drums and backing track and some speed adjustments but all things considered, not bad. Of course it doesn’t capture the raw emotive power of the piano but remixes serve a different function.


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