I like how you go from the original videos and show their progression through time

Watching now. I like how you go from the original videos and show their progression through time – even a direct mirror of the very video you’re making. I’m picturing the timeline pulled together – past+ future at once in the now… something simultaneously lost and gained and an appreciation for it both with a twinge of lament but not overwhelmingly, except perhaps that it’s now so easy, which is also a source of joy.


I’d love one day to have advanced editing software, yet there’s a certain pleasure to working with what I have and trying to maximize what I can do with it. My video editing tools are few: Windows Movie Maker is my main workhorse but I also play around with FFMPEG (as I did for the above video, because I had a very specific idea in mind). Sometimes i envy the effects people can do with the $$$ software but at the same time, I think if I *did* have that stuff, I’d probably be spending a lot of time trying to break its limits… a bad habit I have with software. [of course it’s not me really trying to break its limits but my own]


Well there’s a lot of truth to, “it’s not what you have but how you use it”. I see people with $1000 video editing software and powerful computers producing throwaway stuff that required little thought or effort. But your productions require thought and effort and the creativity shows completely through it all.

No need for envy: If you had a grains of colored sand, three sieves each with different sizes apertures, a pair of tweezers and two panes of glass to sandwich them inbetween, you’d do more amazing stuff than 78/79ths of youtube.


The need to create is a deep urge, hard to explain to those that use their creative talents elsewhere (such as those who use it for social power plays). If I say something like, “It’s the process and the product and the idea simultaneously”, it sounds like woo and fluff to those that don’t ‘get it’. But to those that create stuff, it makes sense.






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