I like Dubstep and the broader EDM as it, along with FL Studio encourages the democratization of music

I do too. I became a fan a few years ago and I’ve been watching it progress and slide its way into mainstream music. I like the creative ones that use 7 beats.

I also love a good bass drop.

I think what I love most about Dubstep though, is that it has allowed a whole generation of GenerationZ to express themselves through FL Studio. [I don’t have it myself – too lazy to buy (or pirate) and learn]

There’s a democratization of music and I can’t wait to hear what these kids are going to produce as they progress; and I credit dubstep as a genre as well as the broader EDM for creating a new generation of musicians.

[well, I mostly credit software availability but Dubstep / Wub has a low entry point for comprehension and practice and it has a damn good dose of “my parents don’t understand it” which doesn’t hurt] tongue emoticon

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