I like biting off more than I can chew then working through it systematically. Repeating pattern

I like biting off more than I can chew then working through it systematically. Repeating pattern. Only time I made $ of it was twice: a temp to perm job (“systems analyst”) at a pharmaceutical company where I was first hired to copy and paste… and then when creating a local website in Web 2.0 days that made good money from 2007-2014 ’til Google closed the ad loophole I profited through. Nobody had local business listings online at the time and so I jumped in with “hyperlocal”, pulling data from an FTP site week to week, my thinking being “I’ll advertise for every new business unless they tell me to take it off” and I ended up with 30,000+. Submitted the info to Google Maps to link back to my site and everything. Eventually Google and Facebook took my map files and put it in their databases which made mine redundant but that’s ok because I took it too – and got 7 years of income out of it. ===


Money’s never been a priority for me. Not sure what is — probably following inspiration wherever — and when I have made money it wasn’t money-as-goal but secondary. Like, the temp-to-perm job was because I was bored of copy/paste so I learned visual basic for applications to speed it up and next thing I’m written a multi-million dollar thing for the marketing department out of Excel. They had to hire “the temp” because they were making profit and it was resting on some $11/hour guy.

I think of life as a 4 billion year old big slime mold and I’m just some temporary blip so I want to make my vibrations


It’s a good word — I’m just describing patterns I tend to follow. It’s not really rules or anything.
Like, I’m perpetually confused by myself so I’ve got all these mental mirrors questioning why this body/mind is doing /thinking these weird things.


 I like the public square generally. When I was on Vine (2013-2017 RIP) one of the kinds I commonly made was trying to explain the most complicated thing I was working on in 6 seconds or less. To compound it, 1/2 of my audience ended up being 18 for some reason so I had to simplify if I wanted to share. It was a fantastic format: 6 second looping videos. Unfortunately, musically then tiktok just didn’t ‘do it’ in the same way and instagram doesn’t have the same vibe. https://archive.org/details/kennethudut
 That’s only about 1/2 of them. The totality are on coub.org in a more usable looping format – about 15,000-20,000. I plan to make sense of it one day. Hopefully my current project can tie it in. It was “pure outputting” at the time. Inspiration + camera = do it now and share. I overloaded archive at the time but one of the curators was REALLY sweet and gave me my own corner of the internet archive to put them in. I reached 10,000 and decided to let the rest go as it was a lot of work submitting them as their XML format is super picky and I wanted to use all of the hashtags I’d acquired which was a pain.
It’s like a library of my brain in the future blew up and these are the scattered remains.

 It is. I’ve kept “belief” off of my map for now for that reason. Well, I use it ONCE:
to hook deductive reasoning to introspection. I wasn’t happy about it. Might be able to replace it.

 There’s error in the Rigged Hilbert Space model that’s intentional, giving ‘room’ for the mod math stuff to bridge the gap to the ideal ring I think (I think that’s what it’s doing? )… so maybe it’ll fit there I dunno
 oh wait!
“Where’s manipulation, deceit, misunderstanding and error?”
Manipulation: Intentional
Deceit: intentional
Misunderstanding : Unintentional
Error: Unintentional
Ok, I’ll follow that train.
 intention” and “unintentional” are concepts hiding in what he asked. I didn’t like what I found for “manipulation” so I thought of the physics of it: Manipulator is a device to indirectly move things. I can work with that and add it.

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