I learned to embroider as a teenager.

I learned to embroider as a teenager. Self-taught. Why? I had a denim jacket. It was the 1980s. I was [typical teenager] into a “Classic Rock” phase, Classic Rock being anything from the late 60s/70s at that point – now Classic Rock = 80s/90s.

[I like all music now but I particularly like what’s been coming out of EDM. It’s a nice formula they use, and I had a Dubstep fascination for a bit, and occasionally dabble in Nightcore or whatever’s floating around on Youtube]

Anyway, I embroidered a very elaborate Led Zeppelin motif on the entire back of the jacket. It was elegant but after two years, someone stole it because I left it in a stupid place. Didn’t like doing it though. Embroidering hurt the hell out of my thumb muscle.

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