I learned that lesson early. So, was I 8 when I stopped giving a f***?

There’s no age. It’s a mistake to attach it to an age. I learned to stop giving a f what people thought of me by the time I was in the 4th grade. Names no longer hurt me. 3rd grade sucked. 4th grade was much better.

I learned that lesson early. So, was I 8 when I stopped giving a f?

In some things, yes.

Yet, I’m a “service oriented person” by nature. I like doings things for people. But, I like doing things for people that show appreciation.

So, only about 2.5 yrs ago did I get technical about it and starting limiting my exposure to people (just a few particulars) that were like “psychic vampires” (not literally) that sucked my positivity dry and left me a void simply by engaging with them.

So, was it 41.5? (I just turned 44 a few weeks ago)

Yes and no.

So, if you’re looking for a certain age, – maybe it’ll magically work for you like that. Some people think it goes that way.

But let me show you a prediction I made about myself in 20 years time, back 20 years ago when I was 24 years old:

==== I made this report this morning: Feb 19, 2016 ====

20 years ago today: February 19, 1996. I was “at a crossroads”. I was projecting 20 years into the future. I made a few predictions in that message (to an online group) of potential futures I could see for myself, but this was the bleakest.

“While my skills may be in computers, and I could make a
*lot* of money doing programming, computer repairs, and the
like, I see myself 20 years in the future, miserable,
lonely, depressed, and suicidal.” Age 24

Well, 20 years have gone by. I’m glad to report that THAT potential future was false. Did I circumvent potential tragedy by being aware of it at the time? Did I AVOID the very future I predicted by speaking it aloud? Or was it never to be? I don’t know. I’m just glad I was wrong


[and yes, I *did* make a lot of money doing programming and with computers inbetween – that was an easy prediction… just a couple of years later I fell into a Systems Analyst job even though i don’t have college, because I created a system as a temp that they couldn’t live without. So, I achieved that dream but I kinda knew I would _somehow_. But I skirted the lonely/depressed/suicidal/miserable. Some might say “it wasn’t meant to be” but I think it’s because my AWARENESS made the change and allowed me make choices that avoided that future]

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