I know why we dream. I also know the shape of thi

I know why we dream. I also know the shape of thinking.
Kenneth Udut
6/4/2013 9:17 AM

I know why we dream. I also know the shape of thinking.

We dream because more of the sensory input is hooked in to the feedback loops in the brain.

When we start to wake up, some of the input starts to come in from other senses which are all the same to each other fundamentally. We hear things, feel something. That changes the shape of our thinking.

Art and music. We need to get what’s in our head out. It is how we resolve the cognitive descendants: how we see one thing in the world looking out but see something else when we looking in. We need to share what’s inside because it’s so frustrating to not be able to share it.

Also, the shape of thoughts: it is a circle with many lines coming out. These lines are hooked in to the senses and to the feedback loops

When we are sleeping, most of the lines are going towards the feedback loops. To the subconscious. As we start to wake up, some of the lines To the subconscious pinch off and the lines follow away and the new ones from the other senses look into the same spots. I think the switch is very quick, but you can feel it because it’s all nerves. It can hurt when you’re woken up suddenly or when a certain sense is activated.

The autism in a nutshell: too much input from a sense.

I like the shape of thought. Why? It may help explain how we are the same as Paramecium. We are Paramecium propelling with her well which: two they feel through their feet?

We need to know all about the sensory inputs of animals. Question: do electron sites on molecules feel like anything?

By the way, the shape of thinking that this circle is constantly moving all of the time.

It may really just stand still, but that idea is to horrific to consider.

Statues: a statute is the best example. When we navigate column, when we see when you’re really touching.

When we look in our minds we are touching and navigating and mapping. The statue is a way for us to literally touch something at the scale that we touch them with our eyes. Have you noticed how easily we can zoom in and out with her eyes?

I think the shapes of proteins are cold storage for patterns in other words it is the shape of feelings and thoughts

Our thoughts, the object of our thoughts is always standing still. It is the thoughts it is the census it is the inputs it is the feedback loops it is the universe itself that is moving around us and we are standing still.

Our bodies move and her inputs move but the center of our thoughts stay still and everything interacts with it. Over the course of time at a particular pace.

The center of thought sits there: with many inputs.

Where ever the inputs come from, whether from the outside or the inside, it sits there.

It receives the inputs. The inputs produce an experience. The experience Is compared to Experiences stored in our brain fat. We access those patterns via electricity.

Things, patterns in the brain that repeat a lot. There may be thousands of examples of where you left your car When you experience the same parking lot.

Time equals distance: equals light equal gravity.

Our senses are amazing: because they allow us to bring for the way things literally up to our skin. They go right up the nose:

colors are for smelling.

We are smelling the stars: are they safe to eat?

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