I know I risk losing followers

^I know I risk losing followers and getting some people mad. I know group fights and wars happen. But whether it's nations or groups of kids in middle school; I don't like when someone more powerful comes along and takes sides to help one side win.

To me, it's as if there are two groups violently fighting in middle school. Fist fights, knives perhaps. But then a teacher comes along and gives the group of his favorite students some hand guns and grenades and says, "Ok, finish them off – I don't like that group of kids either" and goes back to the teacher's lounge to watch the bloodshed from the window.

If they're going to fight, either break it up or protect surrounding nations so they don't get caught up in it too or otherwise make sure it's a fair fight. Being a big bully, whatever the excuse, is embarrassing to me and I'm sharing this for anybody who wants to help Amnesty International reach its goal of 5000. I'm not signing it myself; I'm a hypocrite but I honestly don't like to sign things. But I'll share it for others in case they want to.


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