I know, I know. But I’m a “more flies with honey over vinegar” kind of guy.

I know, I know. But I’m a “more flies with honey over vinegar” kind of guy. I *could* just leave Peter alone to his own ways and devices, but that wouldn’t be right of me. Not everything’s a fist fight to the finish, last man standing wins.


It takes toughness to be strong while appearing soft. Velvet glove, big stick.


For a guy that claims LOGIC is at the core of everything with math placed on top of it… somebody who has a wall chart of fallacies that he pulls out whenever it’s convenient against others but never himself… I saw the OP and was like, “dude, really? You take a solid fact and spoil it by a shitty presentation.”

“Hey honey, here’s a diamond ring but it’s embedded in a pile of fresh dog shit. Go get it.”

Fuck that.


No need for to be offended, Peter. If I pushed too far, I’ll pull back. You came out with tough words, I responded in kind.

You’d consider words on a forum enough reason to question a friendship? Of course we’re friends. But look, if it makes things better: You’re right. It’s not capitulation or placating. Peter Ip : You Are Right.

Everything else I said? Irrelevant, meaningless, of no consequence. The message did not suit the receiver and the mistake was my own.


I stepped over a line. No sarcasm here. I didn’t see it, I stepped over it. I do that sometimes.


My sincerity should be clear. Why else would I continue when others more wisely stop fighting? But yes, I’m pretentious, Peter. I think I know it all and put on the mantle of Teacher when I’m just a student like everybody else.


Most of what I said. A strong example is when I posted someone’s compliment about me as “proof” that I should be listened to.

But for me to even declare myself some sort of expert in communication skills was pretentious. I’m awake. I’ve known this long before this conversation.



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