I knew David Deutsch back in the early 1990s.

I knew David Deutsch back in the early 1990s. He and another person named Sarah Fitz-Claridge, were members of a youth rights mailing list I started/ran called Y-RIGHTS. I was 18 when I started it and we covered all sorts of topics. At its peak it had a few thousand members, not back for the early 1990s Internet. [I started it in 1990]

Anyway, these two people were getting REALLY heady in the discussion. They spoke way over the heads of anybody else in the group about a parenting style they were thinking about. Very academic stuff.

Anyway, I had a policy of keeping the language understandable to 8th grade level and up because we had a wide range of different intellects, ages and cultures worldwide on the list, and they were WAY beyond that, so I encouraged them to split off and start their own mailing list.

I showed them how to do it and they did. They were thrilled, although Sarah was annoyed at first that I was “censoring them”.

They founded “Taking Children Seriously” together and the parenting movement exists to this day.

A few years later, he wrote some book on quantum computing that got pretty popular, and this book you read does sound interesting. I’ll have to read it.

I remember he had a very open mind and was very easy to talk to, until Sarah started getting him in heady academic stuff, then we’d lose the both of them as they went off into their own libertarian academic world that was causing people to complain to me.

Anyway, I’ll see what books I can add to your list. I’m glad David made something of himself. He’s a good guy.

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