I just received filePro for Deskmate from my local Radio Shack.

Sept 18, 1992. Oh NO: I forgot I used to write like “BAD ADVERTISING” when I was enthusiastic about a purchase.
18SEP92-2035 T1000/1200/3000
filePro for Deskmate
To: ALL Dear friends,
I just received filePro for Deskmate from my local Radio Shack.
Luckally, another close Radio Shack had one and could ship it over, otherwise I’d be waiting a couple of weeks for it…
It’s GREAT! filePro is the PERFECT addition to my collection of Deskmate software! I don’t know what the “current” one they’re selling is like, but I know it doesn’t use Deskmate, which is a strike against it, in my mind (of course, in most people’s minds, it shouldn’t make any difference, but I really love using Deskmate)
In one 1/2 hour with it, I’ve imported my entire (rather large) Address Book, created a screen for it that uses those neat Radio Buttons and a couple of Check Boxes where I thought it was necessary, and, basically, created a system that is incredibly usable and Friendly!
All of the data entry that my business will be doing will be done using this program. I have no need (yet) for a relational database, but when I do, I’ll have the option to upgrade either filePro Plus (or Professional, I forget which it’s called), or to Foxpro (my 2nd favoriate Database program), or even Dbase!
If you use Deskmate, please look into “special order”ing a copy of filePro for Deskmate. Already I’m hooked on it, and extremely happy with my purchase.
–Ken, a Deskmate affectionado.

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