I just like food and water. They both keep my from death.

Went vegan for a girlfriend once for about 1/2 a year. Slowly switched up the food chain ’til she couldn’t handle kissing lips that kissed meat. Oh well. This was 1990, Hampshire College and I think she was just jealous of the cow.

I could do it again though. Its not that hard. Learned a lot about nutrients. I did Raw food, Vegan, Vegetarian. Also Atkins [my body LOVES Atkins – not the fatty stuff but the meat stuff].

But all in all, I’m an omnivore. I don’t have an political positions about food. I like food. I get at least 50g of protein a day to keep the muscles I built years ago (I dont’ WANT TO GO BACK TO THE GYM EVER [’cause it easy to get obsessed) ]… and I try to avoid excessive white flour/sugar.

I eat plenty of veggies, because i like veggies. Salad especialy. I like iceberg salads with a bunch of crap in there. The wimpy “dark green” salads are a joke to me; if I want dark greens, I’ll eat a BUTTLOAD of them with canned or wilted spinach. My salad’s gonna be CRUNCHY.

But my favorite thing is a piece of steak. I don’t take any caveman position here. I just like food and water. They both keep my from death.

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