I just know “true enoughs” and even that’s up for questioning.

That’s good – I rather envy the certainty. Human cognitive systems as they are, and the nature of the experience of time as it is… I can’t quite reach that.

Look at “now”. What happens?

We compare our anticipation of the near-future against what we receive in the present moment.

400ms later (sometimes sooner if you’re trained/trained yourself), semantic systems kick in full gear and you can begin to produce a story explaining the emotion produced by the dissonance if any.

Certainty is an emotional state and being emotional doesn’t make it invalid per se, but it makes it as malleable (to me) as seeing a sad TV commercial with sad looking puppies and sad music and going “poor puppies”; ie – subject to manipulation; mostly self-delusion.

Yet, that’s my opinion here. Becoming militantly agnostic is always waiting there, coming out in bits and spurts as I produce sentences, so I try to be cautious to be as accurate as I possibly can without delving TOO FAR into an “I know truth”. I just know “true enoughs” and even that’s up for questioning. There’s always some other layer to be uncovered somewhere.

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