I just finished reading “Definition of the Engineering Method”

^I just finished reading “Definition of the Engineering Method”. It was only 76 Pages. I found a copy of it in a scanned PDF on a US Govt website and read it. While I don’t have the precision of an Engineer – or even the social skills – the attitude of being positive, looking for achievable possibilities, working with the resources you have, trying to make *everybody* happy in a reasonable time frame, being as accurate as you can, being flexible to changing goals while *also* being willing to say “This is the point where change will freeze. This is what we’re doing now.”, having a set of rules of thumb (called heuristics) for any occasion – even contradictory ones – this whole way of thinking was a pleasure to read. One of the only books ever written about the “engineering method” – and considering that its engineers that create, well, everything that humans use and live in – the cars we drive, the houses we live in, the roads we travel on, the computer you’re using, the carpet under your feet… knowing how they work explains a lot about how advanced we’ve become – and secure in how far we just might go as a species.

Good read. I’ll email you a copy if you want. Only 76 pages.^

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